“Huevo de Toro” is a high quality tomato variety, grown in the fertile hinterlands of the province of Malaga, and is blooming!

Grown outdoors and only watered with spring water, this variety is produced with care in traditional orchards in Coin. Its thin skin, delicate aroma and prominent size make this variety – despite its low production and poor marketing-one of the greatest jewels of the Guadalhorce valley in Málaga.

The short but intense life of this tomato plant, sown in March and harvested between July and October ( depending on weather conditions ), has a limited production that raises the price of this exclusive seasonal product.

Logically, is and outdoor growing and to combat plagues that threatens the plant, only sulphur, hand care and constantly hand work is used to protect the short life cycle of this fragile plant.

The tomato is harvested at optimum ripeness, and on the same day is distributed by markets and specialized shops in the province. Because of the delicacy of the product, “Huevo de Toro” must be consumed in the next few days, when it reaches a deep red colour.

The result is a large tomato (300-600 gr.), soft, creamy, with smooth skin, and intense and balanced flavour due to the high concentration of sugars and minerals that contains.

In addition, it is a product that concentrates many natural antioxidants and very few calories, being essential in a healthy and balanced diet.

Its culinary use is very versatile and can be the star ingredient in gazpacho, salads or tomato sauces, but best way to appreciate texture and flavour is raw with our salt flakes and a few drops of O-Med Organic Oil.