It is the perfect time to take artichokes because they are in season. Take advantage of all its benefits accompanied with extra virgin olive oil.

By absorbing water from the stomach, their vegetable fibers help control appetite, giving us feeling of satiety and promoting weight loss. It also stimulates the elimination of liquids.

  1. Their wonderful digestive properties make it ideal for treating diseases such as uric acid, rheumatism and problems of stones in the gallbladder.
  2. Reduces blood triglycerides, so it becomes valuable to fight our cholesterol: reduces bad and increases HDL, considered as good.
  3. It also has diuretic qualities, eliminates fluid retention in the body, eliminates toxins ... It is therefore ideal for gout problems, arthritis, liver disease, circulatory problems, and reduce fat in case of obesity.
  4. Recent studies indicate that thanks to caffeic acid, pantothenic and flavonoids artichoke, are very suitable to prevent and improve in some cancers
  5. Thanks to its cholesterol-lowering benefits, artichokes are a great allied to improve the problems of arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.