Organic products are on trend. They are found in small urban grocery stores, in restaurants, applying slow-food philosophy, in food markets specialized in natural fruits and vegetables, in supermarkets and even in many high end cosmetic products.

Its origin dates back to the 50s, when small producers in western countries like Germany, France or Canada rebelled against the usage of an increasing amount of artificial methods of modern food industry.

But what is really an organic product?. Basically they are plants, animals or its derivatives, which are produced and made with natural substances. In the production of organic food no pesticides or fertilizers with chemical synthesis are used.

They are free of hormones, antibiotics, heavy metal residues without the use of artificial colors and flavors, as well as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Organic agriculture and farming reduces the chemical load on the environment, by not applying pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and other aggressive products in the production system.

Organic practices also reduce soil erosion and take more care of the environment by using more natural and less invasive methods.

Furthermore, they are also better for health because they are free of toxic wastes and could avoid different food-related illnesses, and tend to have better flavor and aroma.


Among the big amount of organic products in the market, we are proud to highlight our O-Med Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Made with Hojiblanca olives, this excellent extra virgin olive oil has a complex aroma, reminiscent of fresh grass and spicy notes like chili. Its use in cooking is very versatile, but due to its complexity it is preferable to use it raw to enhance all kinds of dishes, such as pasta salads, grilled vegetables or simply to dress an organic tomato in season.