Choosing a premium vinegar is a simple decision to make if, like choosing a good wine, you know that its different flavor can transform a dish and elevate it to the top of  your cooking skills.

Not only because a quality vinegar can turn a simple dish into something truly sublime, but because in O-Med, we offer different varieties that fits perfectly to every single moment of a culinary joy.

Wine vinegars are the most common, but you have to focus on the kind of grape, and most of it the quality of wine, that was used to make a proper choice. Wine vinegar cabernet sauvignon, O-Med CS, has body and notes of currants, mint or ceder. The chardonnay grape produces our white wine vinegar, O-Med Chardonnay, having a medium to light body with a remarkable acidity, but surprisingly soft due to the method of production of O-Med Vinegars. We also have wine vinegar of the rosé variety, O-Med Rosé, with more fruity and floral notes.

On the other side you have probably heard of the famous Sherry vinegars, O-Med Sherry, according to opinions, this is one kind of vinegar with a very specific and characteristic taste. It's perfect for preparing gazpacho. Wine vinegar Pedro Ximenez, O-Med PX, comes from a semisweet variety. Dare to try it with a fruit salad or raw dishes like Carpaccio! We recommend you the same with muscatel wine vinegar, O-Med Moscatel, far sweeter, with a flavor that really surprises, it transports you back to the Mediterranean diet.

O-Med cider vinegar has an almost exotic flavor, and the same happens with O-Med cava vinegar, intensively fruity and fresh. It's quite handy for preparing vinaigrettes. With this kind of vinegars you can dress seafood or fish, on special occasions it is perfect to accompany foie or chicken.

As you can see, you have a huge variety to select ... O-Med Team invite you to send us any questions about any doubt you could have while  choosing a Premium vinegar. We would like to help you in your decision!