You already know the nutritional benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, but if you are a true lover of this liquid gold, there are some facts that you may not know yet. 

For instance, you may don’t know that olive oil is as old as the humanity itself, even the Code of Hammurabi (2,500 BC) mentioned how to regulate olive oil trade.

During the Classical Greece, furthermore, they had a special float specialized in transporting  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in what they called "oil boats".

-It is said that the Arbequina variety (ENLACE TO WEB) was brought to Europe by the Templars from the very Holy Land, as there are documents testifying how in La Torre de Salas, located in Lleida, this ancient order of cavalry did olive oil extraction.

The word `Olivo` comes from the Greek Elaia, but the term oil comes from the Arabic Az-zait, which means "olive juice."

One of the oldest olive trees in the world is in Fuente Buena, in the province of Jaén. It meassures 9 meters of height and its trunk has three and a half meters of perimeter. In the most fertile times, it got to produce up to 850 kilos and the legend tells that the olive branch of this tree was blessed in the Domingo de Ramos, a Palm, a catholic traditional day.

Regarding the product itself, you have to be aware always when buying it, that if you are looking for quality you always need to buy Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The amount of extra virgin olive oil you spend when frying is less than if you use other types of fats, as the olive oil dilates during the heating and resist more the heat.

The Spanish oils are the best in the world, as they are made with a greater variety of olives, which increases the range of aromas and nuances of flavors.

A very simple way to cook pasta and avoid getting it sticky is adding a pinch of olive oil during the cooking.

The Olive world is wide and rich. At O-Med we want to help you to know more about one of the most complete products.

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