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The mill

This new headquarters is designed on the basis of the original building, maintaining its original volumetry, to be extended in a contemporary key by means of different bays that break and twist until they meet the land that is so important for this project.

An organic and highly visual way of achieving an architectural connection and rootedness capable of responding to an undeniable business commitment to nature.

With regard to the envelope, we have opted for an industrial aesthetic dominated by geometry and metal, while at the same time including a large number of openings that allow natural light to enter all our rooms.

Thus, the metal sandwich panel façade and roof are interspersed with glass curtain walls and polycarbonate façades that allow light to enter.

 Architecture by GANA ARQUITECTURA studio

The use of materials such as glass in the curtain walls and polycarbonate in the building envelope contribute to the treatment of light and energy savings in the building.

The zenithal openings in the roof are programmed to take advantage of the temperature differences between day and night, thus completing the sustainable approach of this design and the shape of the building allows the collection of rainwater that is filtered and treated for later use, saving significant amounts of this limited resource.

Behind this main façade is the entrance courtyard which not only distributes the different common spaces, but also contributes to impregnate every corner with an incredible luminosity. The offices, workers' rooms, meeting rooms and shop are located in this first bay to provide service to the olive mill and guide the visitor through a staircase to the walkway that initiates the guided tours.

This walkway rises through the industrial areas, showing a simple route from the reception yard where the olives are prepared, passing through the production area where the olives are crushed and their juice extracted, to be sent directly to the cellar where the oil is classified and stored before being transferred to the bottling area for bottling.

The warehouse, as a final step, is responsible for accumulating the finished product until it is distributed throughout the world, thus contributing to internationalisation, one of our main hallmarks.

In short, a machinery of more than two thousand square metres full of details completely open to visitors.

And which culminates with a tasting of our products.

The interior design of the mill mixes a contemporary and more industrial style with the warmth and elegance of noble materials.

The geometric lines, inspired by the grid system of olive cultivation, are reflected in different rooms.

These grids accompany the visitor from the entrance with the Dekton slabs on the patio floor to the ceiling at different heights in the impressive hall.

The shelves of the shop in wrought iron, those of the prizes in wood, the windows in the corridor and the different enclosures of the spaces continue this linear trend.

To compensate for these sober lines, walnut-finish wood is used for the noble areas, panelling walls and furniture such as the tasting table or the showcooking. All of this is accompanied by warm, indirect lighting that is very carefully chosen.

In other spaces, a concept of subtle and discreet elegance is chosen, giving prominence to natural and simple materials and warm colours. The aim is to breathe an air of stillness that evokes serenity.

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